Free to design

With Tabletize you can break the mold and draw your app as you want, using the most complete and easy drawing tools , and enriching it with interactive and multimedia elements you prefer.


Crossplatform/crossdevice compatibility

Tabletize let your app live on all screens and resolutions, tablets and smartphones, Android and iOS devices: you’ll have several tools available to fit the layout of your app to the various features of your device: design your multi-resolution layout using margins, magnets and guides, as free as you wish.


Your Apps, finally multilanguage

Tabletize is extremely flexible in terms of languages: translate the whole app into unlimited messages, localizing not only texts, but also other elements such as videos, captions and warnings.


Realtime updates

Your app lives and evolves withe ease: you can change content or correct errors live, add new sections or make any type of change you feel necessary. Change it online and publish: updates will be sent directly to the device immediately.


Synchronized databases

With Tabletize you can manage data in a breeze ease. Tabletize databases are synchronized in real time with the device and are always available from Mobile, even if offline. And of course you can connect data to any external source (rss, xml, json), so that it can be synchronized and available offline on your device.


.ipa and .apk compiling

Tabletize will handle .ipa and .apk compilation for you, providing a fast way to manage apps deployment. Just Download the generated files and publish them directly on the stores.


Push notifications

Tabletize allows you to send push notifications for Android and iOS. You can also select pre-set local notifications to communicate events at the times you choose, even if the user is not connected to the Internet.